Ohio Patient Advocates, LLC is Founded to Help Patients Navigate the Complex Healthcare System

Apr 30, 2013

The newly founded Ohio Patient Advocates, LLC is part of an up-and-coming consulting sector in the healthcare field that addresses the need for personalized patient care and support. The goal of Ohio Patient Advocates is to help patients receive the quality medical care they deserve and to assist and support patients and their families in dealing with doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid. Ohio Patient Advocates strives to take the red tape out of navigating the healthcare system, so that no one has to face such a daunting challenge alone.

Today’s families face complex healthcare issues. One example is the challenge faced by those with aging parents, where the choices are difficult and the time commitments cause strain and anxiety. Ohio Patient Advocates provides the support families need in making doctor appointments, planning for transportation needs, getting second opinions, pouring over complex medical bills to uncover improper charges, addressing insurance and Medicare issues, and attending to the countless details that otherwise would consume so much of the family’s time.

The company was founded by Steven P. Okey, a nationally recognized attorney with over 25 years of experience as an advocate for patients and their families. Having dealt with the challenges of caring for his own aging parents, he was inspired to bring his expertise to work for others. Working in conjunction with Okey is Michelle N. Price. Price has over 14 years of experience as a Paralegal for two of Ohio’s leading consumer advocate law firms, assisting clients facing a variety of complex legal issues. Together, they are committed to helping others receive the quality healthcare they deserve.

"Patients and their families face some of the most difficult decisions of their lives,” said company founder and president, Steven Okey. “Meanwhile, our healthcare system is more complicated than ever before and can seem like a maze. Our mission is to help patients navigate through this system, so they can focus on getting better, not on frustration and red tape."

Services provided by Ohio Patient Advocates include streamlining medical appointments and services, controlling bills and managing insurance, short and long term health care planning and family support services. In addition to their experience and expertise, Okey points out what sets them apart: Ohio Patient Advocates is not tied to any insurance company, government program or HMO. They work for and are focused on patients. To prove their dedication and commitment to patients, they do not charge for an initial consultation.

Ohio Patient Advocates provides the personalized support that patients need, so they can focus on what matters most.


Michelle Price
Director of Case Management
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