Our expertise is available as a key driver to help local governments, labor organizations, businesses and other entities save money and reduce the cost of their health insurance plans.  By providing personalized advocacy, support and plan of care follow-up for employees/members and their dependents, costly hospital readmissions can be significantly reduced and better outcomes can be achieved.

Services We Can Provide To Employers:

  • Analysis of healthcare utilization and trends for employees and dependents.
  • Executive summary of health insurance challenges and strategies to address them, with a focus on reducing costly readmission rates.
  • Field and provide timely responses to calls from employees and dependents regarding health insurance plans and assist with problems, questions and concerns regarding medical treatment and care.
  • Work with employees and dependents to improve their overall health, thus increasing productivity and decreasing time off work.
  • Assist with cost containment by monitoring overbilling and unnecessary treatments.
  • Assist in complying with HIPAA regulations and PPACA.
  • Work with third party administrators to coordinate pre-certification of insurance coverage.

Services We Can Provide To Employees & Dependents:

  • Assist employees with necessary medical paperwork, scheduling doctor’s appointments and obtaining second opinions.
  • Improve understanding and communication with and between medical providers.
  • Monitor employees and their care during hospital admissions, and help them through the discharge planning process.
  • Help employees understand doctor’s instructions, obtain and take medications as prescribed, and attend follow-up appointments to reduce the likelihood of readmissions.
  • Assist employees in receiving their entitled benefits and in understanding what is covered and what is not.
  • Help employees manage and coordinate care for long-term, chronic and catastrophic conditions.
  • Provide health coaching to employees who need help with weight management, smoking cessation, lowering blood sugar or other ongoing issues to improve their overall health.
  • Take a proactive approach to each employee’s health and wellness care.

This model has been successfully operating in other areas of the United States and has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars — more than offsetting the cost of the programs, as well as significantly improving the overall health of employees and members.

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